Fairmont Terrace Park

Final Master Plan

For several years now, the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District has been working with Alameda County on adding additional park acreage to Fairmont Terrace Park. The district is very pleased to report that approximately three acres have been identified in the County Fairmont Area master plan and the district is pleased to announce that the final master plan for the Fairmont Terrace Park expansion was approved in their meeting on July 8, 2013! The master plan shows what the future Fairmont Terrace Park will look like!

What's Next

Now that the revised master plan has been adopted, the next step is to identify funding and secure a well-qualified developer through a formal bidding process. However, identifying such funding may take some time but please know that we are committed to making your improved community park a rCurrent Aerial Vieweality as soon as is possible!

Want to learn more about the Fairmont Terrace Park master plan process? Review updates from past community meetings below:

April 10, 2013, Master Plan Meeting

The HARD Board of Directors held a second community meeting on Wednesday, April 10th at the Epiphany Lutheran Church, where residents were presented two concept alternatives, alternative A and alternative B, by architects RRM Design Group. After a comment period, community members voted on their favorite alternative concept. They were also given an opportunity to select and set priorities on aspects from alternative A and alternative B, which will now be used to lay the ground work for a new draft master plan. We are looking forward to a completed draft master plan in early summer.

If you have something you would like to share, you can send comments to RRM Architects.

If you missed the meeting, some of the ideas and comments presented on April 10th are available online.

October 10, 2012, Master Plan Meeting

The first community meeting was held on Wednesday, October 10th, where input was received from Fairmont Terrace area residents on features and amenities they wish to see at the expanded park. Approximately 20 homeowners attended the meeting, along with the HARD Board and Staff, as well as RRM Design Group who led the process.  It was a very productive evening and comments were received on what the expanded park could look and feel like. Residents voted to help the architect determine priorities for the new master plan. Many other ideas were also discussed, along with resident concerns.  This meeting was held to receive input from the community that the park would ultimately serve, and the district is very happy with the community involvement thus far! If you missed the meeting, some of the ideas and comments presented on October 10th are available online.

Next Steps

Once the architects complete the draft master plan, which will incorporate priorities set by the community, a Board of Directors’ Work Session will be held to make the final decisions on the Fairmont Terrace Park revised master plan that will be adopted at a subsequent board meeting, in which a public hearing will be held prior to adoption. Once a master plan has been adopted and funding identified, the board will go out to bid to secure a qualified contractor. Development can take some time; however, we are committed to making your improved community park a reality as soon as is possible!