Adult Nature Programs

Education Programs for Adults

Join the naturalists at Sulphur Creek Nature Center in a series of programs designed for adults (aged 18 and up) to explore nature up close. Registration is required for the following adult-only nature programs as space is limited. Call (510) 881-6700 for more information.  Our upcoming programs are listed below.  Register Online 

First time registrant? 
Call the H.A.R.D. district office at (510) 881-6700 to set up an account for online registration.  Once your account is created, visit our registration page and search for the program using the barcodes or class numbers listed below. 

You can also browse a variety of other course offerings from H.A.R.D. on this site.

Smart as a Fox

Foxes are intelligent, curious, and amazingly agile.  Learn which California foxes have adapted to their human neighbors and which ones are more elusive. Observe their characteristics and abilities as we meet Sulphur Creek's young foxes. We'll create enrichment for them to test their amazing senses at this adult nature program. Cost: $18/person

  • Class # 45869  Sat 2/24, 2:30-4pm

Working Woodpeckers

A Woodpecker's job is unending! Their day includes climbing trees, creating cavities, drumming, territorial signals, and overseeing insect management.  This hard work results in healthy trees, pest control, and provides habitat for other wildlife. Come discover the hard-working woodpeckers of the East Bay and California. Cost: $18/person

  • Class # 47581  Sat 4/14, 2:30-4pm

Looking for Wildflowers

Become immersed in the beauty and sweet scents of our local spring wildflowers. Buttercups, Mule's Ears, Lupines, and Fritillaries are a welcoming sight to all our butterflies and songbirds.  We'll meet at a close-by East Bay trail site with this year's most abundant species and colors of wildflowers (location will be announced).  Bring binoculars and wear walking shoes. Cost: $18/person

  • Class # 47582  Sat 5/5, 1-3:30pm