Upcoming Special Programs

Unhaunted House & Carnival

'Neverland Awaits'

Friday, October 19th 6-9pm

& Saturday, October 20th 4-8pm

Join in the fun at Sulphur Creek Nature Center as we travel to the "second star on the right and straight on 'til morning" into the exciting world of Neverland!  Find out about some special Halloween creatures from Peter Pan and his pals.  Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and even Captain Hook will all be around as we explore Neverland.

Visit our carnival to enjoy the rest of the evening with crafts, storytelling, and marshmallow roasting by the campfire at no charge.  Halloween games, night hikes, and tasty treats will be available for purchase.  Bring the family for Halloween fun!

                                   Unhaunted House Passes

All individuals aged 3 and up who would like to go through the Unhaunted House must purchase a pass. Children under 3 are free.
Register Online or in person at Sulphur Creek or the District Office.

Early Bird Passes (purchase by October 18th): $9 per person

At the door*: $12 per person

* We are unable to guarantee passes into the Unhaunted House will be available at the door since they tend to sell out.

Passes cover entry into the Unhaunted House, carnival games tickets sold separately at the event.  Pass times indicate the time period we will try to begin your journey into the Unhaunted house.  Delays may occur due to considerations for the animals.

**Once a time slot is sold out, there will be no tickets available at the door.  The carnival is still open to the public.**

Time slots

Friday, October 19th

       Class #   Time slot
  • 51537     6-6:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51538     6:30-7pm SOLD OUT
  • 51539     7-7:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51540     7:30-8pm SOLD OUT
  • 51541     8-8:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51542     8:30-9pm
Saturday, October 20th

       Class #   Time Slot
  • 51543     4-4:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51544     4:30-5pm SOLD OUT
  • 51545     5-5:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51546     5:30-6pm SOLD OUT
  • 51547     6-6:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51548     6:30-7pm SOLD OUT
  • 51549     7-7:30pm SOLD OUT
  • 51550     7:30-8pm SOLD OUT

Mother Nature's Holiday Gifts

Wednesday, January 2nd


Welcome our wild neighbors into the New Year by making a variety of tasy treats.  Children and adults alike will enjoy creating their own edible works of art to string on trees for the birds and squirrels to feast on.
Squirrel on a branch eating a suet covered pine cone
Refreshments for the creative artists will be provided.  No registration is required for this free drop-in program.