Valley View Park - Former EBMUD Property

Informal Open House
On Wednesday, September 2, 2015, an Informal Open House was held at the Castro Valley Community Center with the design team members. Community members dropped by to review Concept Plan A and Concept Plan B and provided feedback about the designs. Below you can find the comments from our informal open house, neighborhood and community meetings.

Valley View Master Plan A

Valley View Master Plan B

Board of Directors Work Session

A Board of Directors Work Session will be held to review the community input from the two master plan proposals. A date for the Work Session has yet to be determined.

Next Steps
Once the architects complete the draft master plan, which will incorporate priorities set by the community, a Board of Directors’ Work Session will be held to make the final decisions on the Former EBMUD Park Site revised master plan that will be adopted at a subsequent board meeting, in which a community meeting will be held prior to adoption. Once a master plan has been adopted and funding identified, the board will go out to bid to secure a qualified contractor. Development can take some time; however, we are committed to making your new community park a reality as soon as is possible! 

Development of a New Master Plan

Neighborhood and Community Meetings
The first neighborhood and community meetings were held on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 and Thursday, February 26, 2015 respectively, where input was received from the area residents and community on features and amenities they wish to see at the proposed park site. Approximately 35 homeowners attended the neighborhood meeting and approximately 70 community members attended the community meeting, along with the HARD Board and Staff, as well as RRM Design Group who led the process. The meetings were very productive and comments were received on what the park site could look and feel like. Residents voted to help the architect determine priorities for the new master plan. Many other ideas were also discussed, along with resident concerns.  These meetings were held to receive input from the community that the park would ultimately serve, and the District is very happy with the community involvement thus far! If you missed the meeting, please see below for the meeting comments!

If you have something you would like to share, you can send comments to RRM Architects.

Comments for September 2, 2015 Informal Open House

Comments from February 25, 2015 Neighborhood Meeting

Comments from February 26, 2015 Community Meeting

Aerial View of the Park Site