January 2018

Lisa Papciak

Lisa Papciak has been a volunteer at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center for almost 10 years donating close to 1300 hours of her time.  Lisa comes in every Saturday morning to work in the wildlife hospital. One of the many jobs she has undertaken is caring for our outside resident birds: hawks, owls, crows, songbirds, doves, and the golden eagle along with all the barnyard critters.  She also assists in making sure that the Lending Library program runs smoothly during one of the busiest rental days.

Lisa is great in working with all the Saturday volunteers and is one of our best volunteer trainers, indoctrinating them into the dozens of jobs needed to keep the wildlife hospital run smoothly. She is thorough and detailed in presenting job duties, which is an important key to making sure that all the volunteers are trained in the same way with the same information.

In addition to her regular duties, Lisa is always willing to jump in and help with Sulphur Creek’s special events such as the Unhaunted House. And she is great at getting her mom to join in the fun by being a supporting volunteer to ensure that families have a fun and memorable Halloween experience.


When not at Sulphur Creek, Lisa carries on her volunteer duties by taking home some of the newer Lending Library animals.  She handles and plays with these critters, preparing them for a variety of children and family environments and to be docile and trusting. Due to Lisa’s hard work, Sulphur Creek was nominated the best Bay Area Lending Library in 2016. 

She has proven herself reliable, hardworking and extremely dedicated.  Staff is grateful to not have any worries on Saturday knowing that Lisa will be here, and everything will get done and be done well.