June 2019

Judy McGough

Judy has been a singer in the Morrisson Theatre Chorus since 2003, and became the head librarian for the theatre music. As someone who is always looking for a better way to organize things, Judy has been instrumental in suggesting ways in which the DMT’s extensive library of music should be organized and stored. The music library was relocated within the DMT, Judy and the other library helpers have successfully managed to sort, package and distribute hundreds of pieces of music needed for every singer’s performance folder.

Judy has shared her dedication with other departments within HARD. In the past, she was an art instructor, and volunteers regularly ushering at performances held at the DMT.

Judy also regularly acts as a conduit for information, suggestions, and questions from the chorus to the DMT staff. The District is so grateful to have Judy's dedicated support.

June Volunteer - Judy McGough