October 2019

As a community volunteer and HARD Foundation Board Director, Richard Imsdahl has become deeply involved in the Foundation activities. Mr. Imsdahl serves on several Foundation committees and is active in recruiting volunteers and financial support for the Foundation. In the two years Mr. Imsdahl has served on the HARD Foundation Board, he has been successful in introducing new individuals to the Foundation Board, securing funding and has brought in several contributions to the Foundation events. Mr. Imsdahl has also been most helpful in bringing grant opportunities to the HARD Foundation.

Mr. Imsdahl been a tremendous asset to the HARD Foundation. He is energetic and resourceful, always looking out for the needs of the Foundation. Mr. Imsdahl is more than a volunteer. He consistently is “hands on” in helping at every Foundation event and acts as a resource and a connection to the community.

On behalf of the HARD Board of Directors and the HARD Foundation, we salute Richard Imsdahl for his generosity, time and tremendous contributions to the District, HARD Foundation and the community.