Castro Valley Engagement

Hey, Castro Valley!

Castro Valley residents recently shared their thoughts with the Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District (H.A.R.D.) regarding local parks and recreation priorities.  Input was relayed at two community workshops and an online survey.  These contributions will be used by H.A.R.D. to guide future improvements by supplementing the Parks Master Plan and informing the upcoming Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  A summary of the results is available in the following document:

To view the full Castro Valley Engagement Results click here on this link below:

Castro Valley Engagement Results

CV Community Engagement Results_DRAFT_20200420_Page_52_Image_0001_Page_01INPUT HIGHLIGHTS: 

  • People primarily visit Castro Valley parks to exercise, relax, and go to playgrounds 
  • Residents would most like to see (in order of percentage of responses):

✔ New trails and trail connections 

Restroom improvements 

✔ Enhanced programming 

✔ Upgraded playgrounds 

✔ Upgraded community centers 

✔ Upgraded athletic fields

  • Residents identified Castro Valley Community, Adobe, and Earl Warren parks as the top three parks needing improvements in the next five years 
  • Residents noted that most parks need a refresh 
  • Residents noted that Castro Valley, Greenridge, and Parsons parks may need to be renewed 
  • Residents noted that Carlos Bee and Earl Warren parks may need to be recreated


  • Residents would like to see a mix of community events, cultural programs and classes, and physical activities at Castro Valley Community Center and Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center 
  • Residents showed a strong interest in Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center and saw potential for renewed indoor and outdoor spaces 
  • People were less familiar with Castro Valley Community Center and saw need for better marketing 
  • Castro Valley Community and Adobe parks both need upgraded playgrounds, restrooms, and building facilities 
  • Earl Warren and Greenridge parks have potential for trail connections 
  • There is a high level of awareness of the Valley View future park site 


  • In the coming months H.A.R.D. will develop the next Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The results of the Hey, Castro Valley! engagement process will help determine which projects may be considered for the CIP. 
  • H.A.R.D. will reach back out to Castro Valley residents to obtain input regarding specific projects identified in the CIP. 


· Project Manager: Darcie DeLashmutt,