January 2021

Lori Abendroth has been a dedicated and talented volunteer at the Suphur Creek Nature Center for the last seven years, with almost 2300 hours. Prior to COVID-19, Lori worked on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Wildlife Hospital. Her main duties involved assisting staff with new animal intake, which requires experience on how to handle animals during examinations while using restraints, knowledge on how to set up caging due to the type of injury or illness and food preparation.

When she wasn’t assisting with intakes, she would help to oversee in the care of baby birds which includes: cleaning, feeding, weighing, and administering medications. She also assisted staff in the care of baby mammals by becoming a Mammal Mom. Being a Mammal Mom is a 24 hour job where the volunteer takes baby mammals home to maintain a feeding schedule that could range from needed feedings every 3 to 6 hours.

Her other duties involved general housekeeping by helping with the laundry, dishes, record keeping, sweeping, and clean-up. One of the things that we could always count on with Lori was that she would step into any of the volunteer jobs, including those that involved the care of our resident animals when needed.

Another aspect of Lori’s dedication to Sulphur Creek is that she has been a great help with special events such as the Flight to Freedom and Unhaunted House. As a retired physician,

Lori’s insight and knowledge have been a valuable resource that we have come to depend on. She is reliable, hard-working, compassionate, kind, and fun to work with. Lori is truly an asset to the District and is well deserving to receive this Board of Directors Volunteer of the Month Award.

Lori Abendroth