February 2021

Candi Cross has volunteered at the Kenneth C. Aitken Senior & Community Center for over twelve years. Candi is the volunteer instructor of the Laugh Yoga class held on Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:00pm. Laugh Yoga is a gentle exercise that combines laughter, deep breathing, and plenty of smiles and giggles. Laugh Yoga is beneficial to seniors because it lifts your mood, helps with stress relief, and can have a profound impact on your health and well-being. Candi is an enthusiastic instructor that her students just gravitate to, many have been enrolled in the Laugh Yoga class since its inception. That is a testament to her teaching style and how she connects with her students. Laughter and connecting with others is more important now than ever since seniors have been required to shelter in place for nearly a year now. During this time classes became prominent on Zoom, however many of Candi's students were unable to access the class that way. Candi pivoted and decided to teach the class via conference call. She even taught some of her students how to do it so they can call each other and merge into one group. Through this method all students can participate and hear one another and enjoy Laugh Yoga once a week. Candi said that she teaches Laugh Yoga because it makes her feel good to laugh with others and because of the friendships she has developed through laughing together in class.

Candi Cross is a wonderful volunteer, who gives her time generously and is devoted to her students. She is a wonderful asset to the Hayward Area Recreation& Park District and our community. She is very deserving to receive the Board of Directors Volunteer of the Month Award.

Candi Cross