April 2021

Ms. Davi Gutierrez has been a volunteer in the Senior Adult Program for over 12 years.  Davi volunteers her time in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) at the Kenneth Aitken Senior and Community Center.

Preparing income taxes takes a great deal of specialized knowledge, attention to detail, patience and talent, and Davi has all of this.  Income Tax Assistance Volunteers must attend a week-long training in January prior to tax season to receive updates on tax law and refresher information on taxes.  After completing the class, volunteers must then pass a test in order to volunteer and prepare taxes.

Tax preparation has always been an important service that the Senior Centers offer. It has become even more important as we are in the midst of a pandemic, where all of us, especially seniors are instructed to shelter in place. Seniors are able to come to a place they feel safe and to people they can trust to complete the all important and mandatory task of tax preparation.  In addition to the regular volunteer work that Davi performs, she even worked at Hayward Senior Center in 2020 during the height of the pandemic in June and July and is again working in 2021 at the Kenneth Aitken Senior Center in an environment with heightened covid safety measures in place.

Taxes can be confusing, daunting and a task that most of us try to avoid, but thanks to Income Tax Volunteers such as Davi Gutierrez, we have been able to help thousands of individuals.  We appreciate Davi and thank her for her dedicated and dependable volunteer service in the Income Tax Assistance Program.

Davi Gutierrez