October 2021

While Sulphur Creek had a great team of camp counselors this summer, our standout this year was Amanda Wheeler, also known as Panda. You may recognize her last name since she does have a family member at HARD; however, she has earned this recognition on her own merits.

Both this summer and last summer, Amanda showed that she is an exemplary counselor. In 2020, she was our only youth counselor at Sulphur Creek and was a great help.  She adapted quickly as staff was implementing new COVID protocols and her bright and bubbly attitude recharged the staff and established herself as a true asset and member of the team.

In 2021, Amanda donated 138 hours to two District programs during the summer.  She worked at Sulphur Creek’s Wildlife Camp and the Aquatics Jr. Lifeguard Camp. When she heard Sulphur Creek needed additional help, she immediately volunteered for an additional week beyond her original schedule. 

In both years, Amanda worked very hard with a smile on her face, a bright spirit and positive attitude which brought some normalcy back to camp during a very challenging time in the world.   She is mature beyond her years, works well with our staff, counselors, campers and even the animals. She was always prompt, positive, and a pleasure to have on the team!

Cody George, Recreation Supervisor for Aquatics, had this to say about Amanda: "Amanda helped lead activities, skills, and drills. Amanda was always willing to help in any situation and always with a smile. She was a great asset to the Jr. Lifeguard Camp."

Thank you, Amanda, for not only donating 138 hours of your time, but for being a bright light during unprecedented times and handling yourself with maturity, a sense of team, and empathy.  Congratulations on being our Youth Volunteer of the Month. Thank you!

Amanda Wheeler