January 2023

Mr. Mike Baratta is being recognized as the January 2023 Volunteer of the Month for his volunteer service in the Volunteer Program.  Mike has been volunteering regularly at Tennyson Park/Mia’s Dream Playground.  He goes to the park every other weekend and volunteers a near full day from 9:00am-2:00pm.  He acts a park monitor and assists with the Liberty Swing as needed.  In addition, when a specific request is made for the Liberty Swing, he is quick to say yes and volunteers to go to the park and help with the Liberty Swing. Mike says that this volunteer job is uplifting to him and he truly enjoys seeing families be together.

Both Mike and his wife Ruth are very active in the community, specifically the Cherryland Neighborhood.  Both Mike and Ruth served on the H.A.R.D. C.A.C. Citizens Advisory Committee and were serving when Mia’s family presented the idea of an All Inclusive Park and now Mike is actually volunteering after this dream has come true.

Mike is an unsung hero, who works behind the scenes in a quiet and unassuming manner to make his community better for all. He’s learned how to operate the Liberty Swing at Mia’s Dream Playground, giving many children an opportunity to swing and have fun and be around other children and enjoy being carefree. 

We thank Mike for his volunteer service and helping make the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District a better place for all.