April 2022

Ms. Vicky Salazar began her volunteer service in the Special Needs Program at Sorensdale Center in December 2021 and has been a tremendous help in a very short period of time.  

Vicky is recently retired and wanted to give back to her community and saw there was a need for help at Sorensdale.  She has two sons that attend Sorensdale and is very appreciative of what has been done for her sons and for the special needs community in general. In person programming resumed at Sorensdale in December 2021 and Vicky started her volunteer service by volunteering 2 days a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, showing great consistency and reliability.

Vicky has retired from a secretarial position and as a claims adjuster for workers compensation.  This experience has been very useful at Sorensdale.  Vicky has been a huge help in the office with filling, making copies of curriculum worksheets and creating binders for staff, going through files to ensure all information is current and up to date, and organizing the supply closets.

Vicky has proven to be a reliable, hard worker and dedicated to the special needs community by volunteering her time and secretarial experience. Because of Vicky’s volunteer services, the Sorensdale office is now much more organized and gives staff the chance to work on other important tasks, such as leading classes and giving direct support to the participants.  Vicky is truly deserving of the Board of Directors-April 2021 Volunteer of the Month Award.

Vicky Salazar