May 2022

Danny Lim has been a volunteer at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center for 8 years, and has donated 950 hours of his time. He is a dedicated volunteer that comes in every Friday morning to help with a variety of duties in animal care with a focus on our resident mammals and includes training new resident mammal volunteers. His eye for detail has not only been a benefit to our resident animal care program, but to our past rehabilitation patients at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center hospital.  As a long-term volunteer, Danny has been able to assist staff with patient care, preparation of specialized diets, caring for dozens of baby birds during the busy spring months, and preparing outside caging for animals ready to acclimate to the outside world before release. Danny is without a doubt an asset to the nature program and to HARD. Every week he give us 100% towards his regular duties and spur-of-the-moment projects no matter how chaotic his own work week might have been. He has proven himself reliable, hard-working, and an extreme pleasure to have with us at Sulphur Creek.  Thank  you Danny and congratulations for being our May 2022 Volunteer of the Month!

Hayward Area Recreation & Park Distict