June 2022

Liz Breshears is the June 2022 Volunteer of the Month. Liz began her volunteer service with H.A.R.D. at the Kenneth Aitken Senior Center in 2019.  Liz is a retired professor from U.C. Stanislaus, she retired from graduate Social Work, where the focus was primarily on inner strength to help individuals have a successful life.  Liz’s holds a Master of Social Work, a PhD in Social Work and Masters in Education.   We are fortunate to have Liz volunteering with us and sharing her wealth of education, experience and knowledge.  This work led her to the Senior Programs where she began leading the class “The Gift of Imperfection:  Living with Your Whole Heart”. The class description is: What do we know about happiness and how to live a rich, fulfilling life?  This interactive course is about the science of happiness, vulnerability, and the courage to live a wholehearted life.  Class focuses on practicing gratitude and working on treating ourselves and others with empathy and compassion.

In 2020 Liz continued her classes in a virtual setting; which helped seniors, especially those who were isolated, to be connected to others and remember to appreciate what we do have and focus on strengths and gratitude.   In 2021 the class began meeting in person at the Kenneth Aitken Senior Center and will move to the Hayward Area Senior Center in 2022.  One of her students says  ‘I just love this class, it has really improved my life and outlook, I’m so grateful for Liz”.

In addition to her volunteer work with H.A.R.D.  Liz also volunteers with the California Senior Legislation (CSL) and has served with Alameda County Area Agency on Aging as a Commissioner on Aging.  Liz is an advocate for seniors, for H.A.R.D. and has really improved the lives of those around her.

Liz B