Capital Planning and Development

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The Capital Planning and Development Department oversees park and facility projects' planning, design, and construction. This includes renovations of existing parks and facilities along with planning and construction of new facilities throughout the District. 

This Department also prepares and manages the Districtwide Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) and individual project budgets, including allocating expenditures to allowable funding sources and managing federal, state, and local funding requirements. All projects are constructed for quality of design, the economics of construction, and efficiency of operations and maintenance and to support recreational opportunities for District residents.

In 2016, voters overwhelmingly approved Measure F1, the “Safe, Clean, Local Parks General Obligation Bond,” providing $250 million in bond funding for the renovation and construction of park and public facilities, by a majority of 78%. It is with this funding that Capital Planning and Development uses to complete all of the capital projects.

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The Department finalized a new Five-Year Capital Improvement Program 2020-2025 in June 2021, incorporating the uncompleted parts of the original Three-Year CIP. A portion of the remaining authorized bonds (Series B) is expected to be brought to market sometime in the coming year. 

For a full list of capital projects, accomplishments, and the related budget funded by the Measure F1 Bond, please visit

Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan 2020-2025

Capital Improvement Projects