Park and Facility Maintenance

Mission Hills

The Parks and Facilities Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, construction, and cleaning of all the parks and facilities within the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District. 

The mission of the Department is to maintain parks and facilities to be safe, clean, and green. This is accomplished by proactively seeking new ways to operate more efficiently and be more environmentally sustainable. 

The Department works closely with the Capital Planning and Development Department to provide historical knowledge about facilities and property and ensure future projects meet District and public needs.

The Department oversees the repairs, maintenance, and construction of minor improvements at over 100 parks and facilities within the District. The Department provides everything from landscape maintenance and custodial services to building trade needs. This includes managing the work order and customer request system, overseeing preventative maintenance programs, and providing timely responses to public works incidents and emergencies.

 The department is broken into the following divisions: Grounds, Maintenance, Custodial, and a Turf and Water Management Division.

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division ensures facilities and parks function well and are in good working condition. The division handles all the construction trade needs for the District. These employees specialize in H.V.A.C., plumbing, carpentry, electrical, welding, masonry, and painting. The division also completes the repairs to play equipment, irrigation, site furnishings, lighting, and concrete, including graffiti removal.

Grounds Division

The Grounds Division keeps the parks clean and green. Their work includes small area mowing, edging, pruning, trash collection, graffiti removal, equipment and vehicle repair, park restroom cleaning and customer service.  This division manages over one hundred parks of all types, including trail systems and multiple sports complexes.

Custodial Division

The Custodial Division keeps the buildings and park restrooms clean. The staff cleans all facilities and park restrooms. Cleaning duties include everything from dusting to stripping and waxing floors. The division also facilitates the three-stream waste program to limit the number of recyclable materials going into landfill.

Turf and Water Management Division

The Turf and Water Management Division oversees and maintains all the turf throughout the District, which includes mowing the large open spaces in the parks.  They are also responsible for maintaining and repairing all the irrigation systems. The division makes sure that the water distribution is working efficiently to avoid runoff and reduce water waste, while keeping healthy, vigorous lawns in the parks.