Donate for a Memorial Bench or Tree

Memorial/Honorary Trees


Honor someone dear to you by dedicating an honorary or memorial tree. These living legacies provide a lifelong remembrance for you and a meaningful gift for the entire community. By dedicating a tree, you not only contribute to the natural landscape's beauty but also provide a habitat for wildlife and contribute to cleaner air for all.

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other special occasion, consider gifting a tree to commemorate the event or honor an office worker, an award winner, a beloved pet, or the birth of a child.


Your generous donation covers:

  • Cost of acquiring the tree and its planting
  • Engraved Plaque
  • Care for the Duration of their Lives (At least up to 7-Years)


To dedicate a tree in the Honorary and Memorial Tree Program simply call Ryan Rojas at (510) 881-6752 or e-mail your request.


District staff will work with you on tree placement and choosing the best type of tree for the area.

The process of dedicating and installing a memorial or honorary tree involves at least one site meeting. A representative from the Parks and Facilities Maintenance Department will arrange a meeting with the donor to determine the specific location. The chosen site will be reviewed by staff to obtain final approval. However, if donors prefer, they have the option to waive their right to meet and select a location. 

The donated tree becomes the property and responsibility of the District. It will be maintained, pruned and if necessary, removed by the District. The District will maintain the tree for the duration of their lives up to seven years. The District accepts no replacement liability for the tree after a period of seven years. The District is not responsible for notifying the donor and/or honoree of the tree's demise. 

Once the location for planting has been identified, has been agreed upon, and an application and payment have been received, The District will order materials necessary to complete the project. Please note lead times vary depending on the time of year, equipment ordered, and supplier inventory.

  1. Ryan Rojas

    Park Supervisor

donation Tree with plaque
Donation Bench with Plaque at a Park

Memorial/Honorary Benches

Give a tribute to someone special with an honorary or memorial bench. Benches may be given as presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Consider dedicating a bench to honor a loved one.


Your donation covers:

  • Cost of the Bench & Its Installation
  • Engraved Plaque
  •  7-Year Maintenance


To get started, contact Vince Vierra by calling (510) 881-6750 or email.


District staff will work with you to find a meaningful available location at one of our parks. You may request a bench at a specific park; however, the bench site within the park will be determined in collaboration with District staff.  

 The selection of the bench type will be under the direction of the District and match existing park benches and amenities.

Once you’ve determined the type of bench and location with the help of staff, you’ll be asked to complete a form and submit your donation. On the form, you will be given the opportunity to include the text you’d like on the dedication plaque. Once the donation and form have been received by District staff, we will begin the installation process of the bench. Once the bench is installed, donors will receive a letter informing them of placement. The honoree or family will be notified of the placement as well, if requested. The donated bench becomes the property and responsibility of the District. It will be maintained as necessary.

  1. Vince Vierra

    Maintenance & Construction Supervisor