History of Battle of the Bands

Since 1963 the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD) has hosted a contest for a selective group of musicians. With style of ranging from Indie, Rock, and Alternative to Punk, Funk, and Reggae.

Although a winner will be declared at the end of the evening, most bands are thrilled to simply be a part of it. For many of the musicians involved, this will be the first time they will be performing in front of such a large crowd.

This competition, commonly referred to as "The Battle," began with the vision of former Superintendent of Recreation, Leroy Pegis. With unassuming beginnings in the late 1960's, no one could have predicted the large and popular the event of the present.

The Battle of the Bands is one of the longest running musical special events in the Bay Area, with few of its kind in the entire country. The live contest takes place at the Reed L. Buffington Performing Arts Center on the campus of Chabot College in Hayward where bands will have a chance to perform on a professional stage set, with hi-tech lights and sound.

The winning band will be determined through a combination of judge's points based on performance and originality, as well as audience reaction. Multiple prizes for new equipment or studio-recording time are awarded to the winners. However, highly valued by participating bands is the prestige of holding the much-coveted title of Battle of the Bands Champion. Previous title-holders include such notables as members from Faith No More, Y & T, Deep Purple, Mr. Big, Billy Satellite, and Metallica.