Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District is to enrich the quality of life for our community by providing a variety of recreation activities, parks, and facilities that promote health and wellness, learning, and fun. 

In order to continue to serve our community and be recognized as a quality recreation and park district we must:
  • Establish a prudent reserve
  • Improve ADA accessibility
  • Match our programs and facilities to the needs of our diverse community
  • Distinguish HARD as a major partner with other agencies and organizations for recreation, park and open space needs
  • Enhance our work environment
  • Evaluate and leverage emerging opportunities, while maintaining our existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Update the district’s strategic plan annually
  • Actively market and promote our District
  • Achieve greater environmental sustainability (greening)
  • Renovate at least one community park

Core Values
When making policy-level decisions if the answer to the following questions is “yes”, then that direction embraces the District’s Core Values:
  • Does it provide cost-appropriate programs to our wide service area?
  • Does it build on and leverage our network of partners?
  • Does it reflect our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of those we serve?
  • Will it support high quality customer service?
  • Does it clearly protect and enhance our investments in facilities and other assets?
  • Does it support those that make it happen every day – our employees?
  • Will it support best workplace practices?
  • Does it support our ability to govern as a Board team with honesty, openness and respect?
  • Will it support our commitment to public learning?
  • Does it support a sustainable environment?
  • Is it cost-efficient?