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How to Reserve a Program
Please call the Interpretive Center at 510-670-7270 to reserve a program. Our staff naturalists will be happy to help you! You may also fill out this form to indicate your interest in a field trip. We will call you back at the time you specify.

We offer a great selection of pre- and post-trip activities to enrich your students' experience on their field trip. Download our activity files to learn about the common birds, plants, mammals and marine organisms at the shoreline. You will also find a brief history of the Hayward Shoreline as well as an introduction to the saltmarsh habitat. We encourage you to contact us if you have feedback about a certain activity, or would like to suggest a new one. 

Pre-Trip Activities
Wetland Ecology

Post-Trip Activities
Wetland Ecology

Here are some very basic picture guides to the common birds found here at the shoreline. More detail can be found in the full activities packets.
Common Spring and Summer Hayward Shoreline Birds
Common Fall and Winter Hayward Shoreline Birds
Common Birds of the Hayward Shoreline (black and white)

Advice to Teachers

Please arrive 15 minutes before your program begins. The following additional information will help you and your students to better enjoy your stay along the shoreline.

1. Bring warm jackets and/or wind-breakers in case of windy or cold weather (both are common along the shoreline). Hats and sunscreen are recommended for protection on windy and cold days. We do not recommend bringing umbrellas.

2. Please advise students to dress in old clothes and shoes that can get dirty. We want the children to be able to explore the marsh! Bags for dirty shoes are advisable for the ride home.

3. Adult leaders will be expected to participate in the program, act as role models for good student behavior, and to assist in managing discipline problems while the naturalists are leading the program. Please advise adults to leave valuables at home, and encourage them to silence their cell phones for the duration of the program. Siblings are not allowed to attend shoreline programs.

4. Please supply nametags for students to facilitate communication with the naturalists.

5. Please note cancellation policy on the invoice.

6. Students experiencing a three or four hour program need to bring a lunch. There is a water fountain inside the facility, but extra water is always a good idea, too!

School Program Fees
 Length  In-District Price
Out-of-District Price
 1 hour
 $121.00  $151.25
 2 hours
 $172.00  $215.00
 3 hours
 $218.00  $272.50
 4 hours
 $252.00  $315.00