Experience the Trail

The Hayward Regional Shoreline is a mosaic of different landscapes which extends across nearly seven miles of dikes trails adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. On your visit, you will notice the wide-angle panoramic view during your travels and the peaceful mood prevalent among the several landscapes in which you travel. The shoreline trail is part of the San Francisco Bay Trail and passes through and around mud flats, salt marsh, grasslands and salt evaporation ponds.

The park is managed by East Bay Regional Parks and you can find more information at: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/hayward#about

Please remember during your visit that many shoreline areas provide nesting and feeding grounds for wildlife. In order to minimize human intrusion upon the plants and animals, during your visit please observe the wildlife while remaining on the trail. 

Discovery Packs

These are free to check out. Discovery Packs are designed for families or individuals who would like to have an interactive, self guided experience of the salt marsh. Packs include water testing kits, nets for "fishing" for aquatic animals, art supplies and much more. A trail map with different stations to stop at along the way will assist you in having a hands-on trail experience.