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Today, the effects of changing climate are becoming clear. The bay is rising and is projected to continue to rise. As an agency, HARD has been on the forefront of local sea level rise community projects addressing impacts of sea level rise. With 32 other active organizations, HARD has played a key role since 2011 in the Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) project to improve the resiliency of the Bay Area to rising sea levels. The work has resulted in federally funded reports and information about projected sea level rise from Union City to Emeryville, an initial step in understanding the implications for community planning. The Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center (HSIC) is one of the primary means for communicating and providing current tools and resources for the community to make informed decisions about the marsh and its future. 

Join Our Sea Level Rise Community Discussions
To help our community begin the process of adapting to and mitigating future rising tides, we are promoting various community discussions around the Hayward area. Check back soon for details about our next discussion.

Sea Level Rise Educational PowerPoints and Quick References
Sea Level Rise Projections - a powerpoint by HSIC staff showing the impacts of sea level rise on the shoreline.

Sea Level Rise Projections and Impacts for HARD - a powerpoint by the Adapting to Rising Tides project.

Sea Level Rise Quick Reference Sheet - a summary PDF of international and local sea level rise impacts and online resources.
Sea Level Rise Information and Impacts
Adapting to Rising Tides - Climate Impacts

NOAA Coastal Services Center - Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer

PRBO Conservation Science - Projected Effects of Climate Change in California

World Wildlife Fund - Climate Change

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