September 2012

Halston Butler
Mr. Halston Butler was selected for the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award for September 2012 for his volunteer work in the Youth Program at the Matt Jimenez Community Center (MJCC) where he has volunteered for 5 months.

Growing up as a MJCC participant, Halston wanted to give back to the center by volunteering his time from June through October of 2012. He has been an asset to the Staff and youth at MJCC and it speaks volumes of the District’s Recreation program when someone like Halston has had such a positive experience with the District, that years after graduating from high school, he comes back to ensure that the kids currently participating in the program has the same positive experience.

Halston recently joined the Marines and will take his talents with him as he pursues his dreams. Halston’s dedication and spirit of giving back to the community, as well as serving the Country, is a testament to the District’s recreation programs and shows that the programs are paying off and effects lives every day. 

Halston’s work ethic and demeanor will serve him well in his aspirations, and he is very deserving of the Board of Directors’ Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award. He will be eligible for the Volunteer-of-the-Year Award for 2012. 

Halston Butler