January 2014

Jason Dwyer
Mr. Jason Dwyer has been an amazing volunteer for the Sulphur Creek Nature Center since 1994, accumulating over 1,650 donated hours.  Jason is a Special Projects Volunteer who ventures into an array of unusual projects.  Jason has been instrumental in helping to clean out and spruce up resident animal cages that are open for public viewing.  This is a truly messy, dirty and unattractive, but a necessary job that involves shoveling out large quantities of pea-gravel or leaf litter, hauling it away, and replacing it all with a fresh clean substrate.  This dirty job also involves the scavenging and cutting of large 8’-10’ branches for the animals to climb or perch on.  Jason is adept at hanging the branches at just the right height and angle as specified for each species.  He is also the “Pit Man,” meaning he has dug some pretty deep holes including holes for the barnyard duck pond and the dinosaur excavating pit that was used for Wildlife Camp.
Jason VOM 2014 CROP

Jason’s talents are also relied upon for many of special events.   He is vital to our Unhaunted House in that he has always taken on the more safety conscious jobs like parking control and manning the marshmallow roasting fire pit.  However, when it comes to fun at this unusual event, Jason has also been an acting main character.  Some of the more memorable characters that he has played were a hookah toting Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, Indiana Jones battling a desert tortoise, the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, and of course as a mainstream Halloween character – the Mummy

Jason also puts his all into helping with Flight to Freedom.  He will set up all the tables and chairs without being asked, in addition to the stage set-up and some of the lighting.  When Jason is unable to make it to an event due to his work schedule, he would often arrive at the end to help with clean-up, which is exemplary of his dedication to Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

No job is too small or too big for Jason to jump into, and we have become dependent on having a list ready for him to tackle; if not a special project, then just helping with the daily care and feeding of the animals which he knows by heart.

Jason is reliable, hardworking and fun to work with.  Staff knows that they have no worries when they see him walking down the pathway into Sulphur Creek Nature Center.  He is truly an asset to the District and is well-deserving of the Monthly Volunteer Recognition Award.