Award Winners

1964-1st Nightmen, 2nd Debonaires, 3rd The Playboys

1965-1st Stanley and The Four Fendermen, 2nd The V.I.P.S, 3rd The Invaders

1966-1st The X-Rays, 2nd The Chessmen, 3rd Staton Brothers

1967-1st Opposite direction, 2nd Simple forms, 3rd Spectres

1968-1st Citizens Band, 2nd Spectres, 3rd Tickitts

1969-1st The Vee Jays, 2nd Bond Street Express, 3rd Second Phase

1970-1st New Power of Sound, 2nd The Moat, 3rd Cyrus

1971-1st JRS Compromise, 2nd Vision of Sound, 3rd Threshold

1972-1st Albatross, 2nd Wild Turkey, 3rd GM and The Mark of Excellence

1973-1st Marshall Rose, 2nd De-Dynamics, 3rd Timberline

1974-1st Yesterday and Today, 2nd Crutch, 3rd Maharlika

1975-1st TC LED, 2nd Gold Dust, 3rd Cornerstone

1976-1st Cornerstone Street Punks, 2nd Mile Hi, 3rd No Thanks

1977-1st Whisper, 2nd Grace, 3rd Spitfire

1978-1st Roxz, 2nd Spitfire, 3rd Rage

1979-1stThe Kick, 2nd Stray Cat, 3rd PBX

1980-1st Lines, 2nd Foxx, 3rd The Trilobites

1981-1st Violation, 2nd Farallon, 3rd Bungholes

1982-1st Heros, 2nd Champion, 3rd Bungholes

1983-1st Network, 2nd Logo’s, 3rd Timothy English & the Modz

1984-1st Here After, 2nd Night Wing, 3rd Air Raid

1985-1st Hanzoff, 2nd  Air Raid, 3rd Images

1986-1st Tangled Webb, 2nd Sinderella, 3rd Sunset

1987-1st Sunset, 2nd Altamont, 3rd Desire

1988-1st Shea Roxi, 2nd Asylum, 3rd Roulette

1989-1st Outlook, 2nd Off the record, 3rd Seduction

1990-1st Fungomungo, 2nd NRG, 3rd Possible Motive / Most Wanted

1991-1st Rhythm Garden, 2nd Nobody Famous, 3rd Lilliputian Bizarre

1992-1st Royal, 2nd Sylvan, 3rd Generation Land Slide

1993-1st Anonymous Radiation, 2nd Lipshok, 3rd Suspect

1994-1st Cloud 8, 2nd Treble Hum, 3rd Passion Guild

1995-1st  Lipshok, 2nd Gateway, 3rd Bud Court

1996-1st Bud Court, 2nd Color black, 3rd Floyd’s Ordeal/Cloud 8

1997-1st Sol Fire /Tommy & the Stompers, 2nd and 3rd  Unknown

1998-1st Verso, 2nd Floyd’s Ordeal, 3rd Fringe

1999- 1st  Kao Tao

2000-1st Kao Tao, 2nd Unknown,   3rd Little brother

2001- 1st Solemite, 2nd Pure Defiance, 3rd Built

2002-1st Conpanna, 2nd  Solemite, 3rd  Brickhead

2003-1st Swirl, 2nd  Solemite, 3rd  Cusinfunk

2004-1st Fine By Me, 2nd Shallow, 3rd  Moulder Lounge

2005-1st Westcaster, 2nd Angst, 3rd Joe Pony

2006-1st Red horizon, 2nd The Fair Saints, 3rd Billy The Kid

2007-1st The Feeders, 2nd Billy The Kid, 3rd Peaceable Jones

2008-1st French Cassette, 2nd Billy The Kid, 3rd Suspicious Package

2009-1st The Dialed, 2nd Bratta, 3rd Billy The Kid

2010-1st Devils Angels, 2nd Apothecary, 3rd Ten Days New

2011-1st Cast Iron Crow, 2nd Ten Days New, 3rd Animolia

2012-1st Ten Days New, 2nd Mission Peak Band, 3rd Ashes of Empires

2013-1st The Growing Room, 2nd Zephyr, 3rd Gypsy Flight,

2014-1st Time Frame, 2nd GiGantis, 3rd Catatonic Society

2015- 1st Neon Strings, 2nd place Tablues, 3rd Standoff

We have been unable to find the Winners of the 1999 and 2001 Battle Of the Bands if you have information to help us please contact Mike Maine at (510) 888-0211 or Email.