May 2015

James Willson

Mr. James Willson has been an amazing volunteer for 30 years, with over 1,500 donated hours. He came to Sulphur Creek with an unbound enthusiasm for every imaginable critter, however, his main passion was for reptiles. James took great care to make sure the center’s reptiles were well fed and cared for.

As James grew up, his passion for acting took hold and he went off to Hollywood to refine another of his natural talents, acting!
Even with 700 miles between us, he always showed up to help with special events.

James loved being a character at the Wildlife Fair, in the Un-haunted House and the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade. Some of his most memorable characters were Indiana Jones, Captain Hook, the Giant Cockroach, and a Green Frog. 
James also helped other volunteers for the Un-haunted House develop their character roles, project their voices, and just learn to have fun with the guests.
James Willson

James’ acting career helped him to meet his lovely wife, Monique, who also volunteered as an Un-haunted House character. James and Monique held their wedding at Sulphur Creek and donated a large event tent that has been used for every Flight to Freedom since.

Mr. Willson was invited to attend the May 26, 2015 Board of Directors’ meeting to receive his certificate. He will be eligible for the Volunteer of the Year Award for 2015.