May 2016

Hannah Vasquez 

Over the past year Hannah has volunteered to assist Dance Instructor Gabby Freitas’ with youth classes at Weekes and Southgate Community Centers.  Hannah volunteers on Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays for tap, ballet, acrobatic and Hip Hop dance classes on a weekly basis in addition to participating in her own dance classes.  

Hannah assist by demonstrating for students the techniques and dance combinations for the younger students and assists in keeping them focused during class. She also helps by giving students additional one on one attention who need assistance.  According to Instructor Gabby, “Hannah is always on time, happy and willing to do anything”.   Hannah is also working hard assisting with the production of the upcoming dance recital at Sorensdale scheduled for June 1, 2016.

Our District benefits from having motivated and engaged youth volunteers which enables us to continue providing high quality dance programs.  It is also valuable to provide our younger students role models to look up to.  We look forward to Hannah continuing her dance and volunteer efforts with our dance and thank her for her dedication of time.