December 2016

Daniel Caravalho

Daniel has been a part of the HARD/HUSD school athletics program for well over 11 years.  Daniel is currently a teacher at Bret Harte Middle School where he instructs Physical Education.  Not only is he a great role model for the students that he works with every year, but he takes it a step farther and is active in promoting athletics to all the students at Bret Harte by encouraging them to participate in all sports.  If he is not coaching, he is the liaison to HARD and Bret Harte to keep HUSD athletics strong.  His contributions to athletics in the Hayward area should be commended.  Whether it is coaching, mentoring, coordinating fundraisers, or providing oversight on Saturday game days, Daniel can be counted on to help out or attend a planning meeting on his own time.  Daniel is a valued member of the community and tonight the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District recognize him for his current and past service to our youth and the community.