Talking Eye 2 – A Juried Cell Phone Exhibit

Talking Eye 2
Exhibition Dates: 
July 31 – September 13, 2014

Gallery Hours: 
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am – 3pm

 Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley, CA

Artists Reception:
Saturday, August 16, 2pm–4pm – All are invited!

Adobe Art Gallery is very proud to present Talking Eye 2, A Juried Cell Phone Photography Exhibit.

Kate Jordahl, David Pace and Danny Sanchez

Talking Eye 2 exhibit features fifty-four photographic prints created via cell phone cameras, selected by the jurors and produced by Talking Eye of Adobe Gallery. All entries (72 entrants, 363 images) were submitted and judged ONLINE.  Entrant names were omitted from jurors view.  Juror comments:

Kate Jordahl – “It has been an interesting and thought-provoking experience to be a juror for 'Talking Eye 2.' Like the innovative 'hand camera' that Alfred Steiglitz used in his photographic explorations of the New York streets early in the 20th century, cell phone cameras offer spontaneity and new opportunities and challenges for the photographic artist in the 21st century. In choosing the images for inclusion in the exhibition and for recognition, I searched for images where the photographer used the limitations to make lasting images that are simply good photographs. The photographs exhibited here fulfill the challenge to make images that transcend tools and communicate ideas in a powerful manner. Using these cameras that are always in our pockets, these photographers’ work expand our communal photographic vision. Congratulations to the photographers and to the “Talking Eye 2” organizers for another intriguing exhibition.”

David Pace – “I was impressed by the variety of subjects and approaches and the overall quality of the work.

Danny Sanchez
– “Amazing! That is the word that comes to mind with regards to jurying The Talking Eye 2 exhibition. Whether left up to chance, for the App gods to decide the outcome, or carefully crafted through multiple applications, it is exciting to see artists embrace this new genre for image making. One of my favorite quotes by Ansel Adams is, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Individual Juror Award Recipients ($200): 
Heather McAlister, Shadow Stories, selected by Kate Jordahl
Elizabeth Kenneday, “Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet” selected by David Pace
Michal Koralewski for “Self Portrait”, selected by Danny Sanchez

Exhibiting Artists:

Chris Blough, Sheila Botein, Steven Bright, Cindy Buske, Nadine Defranoux, Barbara duBois, Donna Eck, Stephen Elbert, Carmina Eliason, Suzanne Engelberg, Andrea Ewald, Mark Franklin, Juanita Hemanes, Susan Hillyard, Elizabeth Kenneday, Mark Kinrade, Michal Koralewski, Patricia Leeds, Yvonne Lu, Charles Marut, Carol Matre, Heather McAlister, Jessica McDowell, Michael Nathan, Terayuth Ngamvilaipun, Katherine Ogg, Amo Passicos, Tony Perez, Mark Pinto, Chad Rankin, Diane Roberts, Eleonora Ronconi, Susan Thompson, Anne Thurston, Bianca Tummings, Bob Weil

The winning images have been transformed to fine photographic prints, courtesy Robert A. Kato. Prints are archival pigment on Epson Hot Press 100% cotton rag.

Exhibition prints ($100+tax) & Talking Eye 2 exhibit catalogs ($25 including tax while supplies last) may be purchased at the gallery. Catalogs available on 8/16.

Exhibit catalog will be available for purchase AT the gallery on Sat., Aug. 16 for $25 (including tax).

Thank you entrants and jurors, Kate Jordahl, David Pace and Danny Sanchez!!!
Congratulations to all!