Artist Open Studio Sessions

Below are sample classes taught at Adobe Art Center. For specific class offerings, please see our Recreation Guide.

Drawing Studio Art Space 
First time beginners to advanced artists Art Space is your space. This is not a class but a guided studio session held in our large, well lit, well equipped painting / drawing studio. Art Space is focused on drawing, and painting is welcome too. The instructor is on hand to give as much or as little instruction and feedback as you'd like. Each studio session has multiple still lifes you can choose from including flowers, plaster models. Guided drawing exercises by the instructor help you practice fundamentals. Every other session we'll have a short video presentation on contemporary art or global art history. Come make Art! 

Life Drawing  
A cooperative drawing class for all levels of proficiency. Each session involves gesture poses, 20 minute studies and one hour-long pose. There is a three hour pose at the end of each month. All medias are included. Odorless thinners only. No cameras. This  is a drop-in program. Please pay at the door. Hosted at the Adobe Art Center. See the current Recreation Guide for schedule.

Artist´s Open Studio  
Artist's Open Lab This is an informal gathering of artists working together in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Begin something new or work on an unfinished project. Sessions at Adobe Art Center and in San Lorenzo.

Pottery Workshop-Drop in  
This class is designed for drop-ins or class make-ups. Workshops are overseen by volunteers providing informal instruction. Only items produced during session/class time will be fired. Must have taken basic pottery class, or be currently enrolled in pottery class. Check the current Recreation Guide for a list of all dates and times drop ins are available.