July 2017

Vivian Phung

Ms. Vivian Phung was awarded the “Volunteer of the Month” for her outstanding volunteer efforts throughout our city and HARD. Vivian is a kind hearted and mature.

She is a senior at the Alameda Science and Technology Institute, which is a public school in Alameda and is also duel enrolled in community college. Vivian is an extraordinary student. 

Last year Vivian was appointed to Hayward Youth Commission as an alternate and did an amazing job her first year. In February, the City Council appointed a 20-person Taskforce to revise the City’s Anti-Discrimination Action Plan and Vivian was the youngest member of the Taskforce. She also co-chaired the Accessibility Sub-Committee.

Her work on the youth commission also introduced her to Volunteer Hayward and HARD. This past year she has worked on multiple projects including the annual

Adopt-a-Family program and she participated in the citywide clean-up. Vivian is not only an outstanding representative of the youth in Hayward, but is a true leader in our community.