Administration Services Department 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Humphrey, Ashley Administrative Assistant - Public Safety Division 510-881-6714  
Wong, Natalie Human Resources Manager 510-881-6729  
Arias, Jennifer Human Resources Analyst 510-881-6708  
Yau, Hei Information Systems Administrator 510-888-0122  
Loftis, Amanda Finance Manager 510-750-4113  
Leung, Jason Accountant 510-881-6725  
Ji, Winnie Accountant 510-888-0112  
Alvarez, Jasmin Accountant 510-363-0165  
Najera, Juan Accounting Technician 510-881-6725  
Peccorini, Claudia Payroll Technician 510-980-0597  
Vincent, Justin Public Safety Manager 510-881-6714  

Capital Planning and Development Department 

Hayward, CA 94541

Hayward, CA 94541

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Tiernan, Meghan Capital Planning and Development Director 510-881-6712  
Laczko, Brian Assistant Director-Capital Planning & Development 510-691-9098  
Boyd, Monty Senior Bond Project Manager 510-455-1057  
Yee, Marvin Senior Bond Project Manager 510-881-6713  
Williams, Michael Senior Bond Project Manager 510-888-0119  
DeLashmutt, Darcie Bond Project Manager 510-750-4723  
Hardy, Diane Bond Project Manager 510-453-9970  
Mo, Hai-Ping Bond Project Manager 510-888-5747  
Nguyen, Kimaly Bond Program Administrative Coordinator 510-881-6731  

1099 E Street
Hayward, CA 94541



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Peterson, Chris Parks & Facilities Maintenance Director 510-881-6716  
Williams, Julie Park Services Specialist 510-881-6715  

Recreation Department 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lee Bird, Adriane Director of Recreation, Arts and Community Service 510-881-6704  
Calceta, James Recreation Coordinator II-Building Rentals 510-626-8846  
Hernandez, Deborah Recreation Supervisor 510-856-9100  
Keiffer, Daniela Recreation Supervisor 510-881-6768  
Lee, Darin Recreation Coordinator II - Golf 510-888-0207  
Maine, Michael Recreation Coordinator II - Gymnastics & Sports 510-888-0211  
Munivez, Noel Recreation Supervisor 510-317-2303  
Roa, Nicole Recreation Supervisor 510-888-0111  
Ryan, Lori Customer Service Supervisor 510-881-6705  
Tibbetts, Jennifer Recreation Coordinator II - Seniors & Special Interest 510-881-6742  
Varner, Deb Recreation Coordinator - Nature Centers 510-881-6747  
Zuniga, Vicente Recreation Supervisor 510-626-8820  

HARD Foundation 

1099 E Street
Hayward, CA 94541

1099 E Street
Hayward, CA 94541


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Foundation, HARD   510-881-6700